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Hey everyone! I'm very new to this site. I came here hoping to find a replacement for i-dressup after finding out that it shut down for good. I really hope this site lives up to my expectations and I meet some good people here!

My favorite things are roller skating, music, art, fashion (typically the goth kind, but my tastes are very wide), and Halloween! 

Music is very important to me. I don't like to contain myself in specific genres. I just listen to whatever music my ears fancy, but I find that most pop and country music generally doesn't appeal to me. Depeche Mode and Breaking Benjamin are currently my top favorite bands, but Drab Majesty is quite good as well. 

I started roller skating about four years ago, but I still consider myself to be a rookie. I find that roller skating is something that doesn't come as naturally as I thought it would. Of course, I've got the basics down. Things like crossovers are no problem to me anymore, but the fancier tricks really trip me up. I'm not going to let this hold me back, though. I'm pushing myself to get past my fear of falling.

Art is also important to me, but I don't plan on going to art school or anything. I just like to draw and paint in my freetime, even though I don't consider myself to be very good at it quite yet. 

Fashion is a big part of my life. My look is quite important to me. Not in a vain way, or anything. I just like to experiment with different styles. For example, I might dress like a trad goth one day (or at least attempt to, anyways), and the next day I might dress in the 90's grunge style. Makeup is another thing I like to experiment with. I particularly like glitter, though I try not to use the loose kind, since I hear it's bad for the environment. 

By this time, it should be obvious why I like Halloween. Any day where I can wear a witch hat and carry a broom in public without being criticized is a good day to me! Plus, I have quite the sweet tooth. 

My favorite foods are buttered noodles (literally noodles with butter, parmesean cheese, and herbs), and sushi! 



I am a Girl   89 years old  
Country -- Hair color Black hair
Eyes color Green Favorite color Purple
Favorite Celebrity Favorite Movie Interview with the Vampire
Favorite TV Show American Horror Story Favorite Music Pretty much any kind except country
Favorite Book The Vampire Chronicles series Favorite Meals Buttered noodles
My job or my future job Hobbies and interests Roller skating, music, art, fashion, Disney


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